RK Branded Steel Bars: Standard BSI 4449
Today in the age of intense competition, very few brands enjoy a decisive edge in free market; RK is one exception. This has only been possible due to sheer commitment, extensive efforts, unrivaled expertise and fair dealings; a matchless combination with ultimate benefit going to the customer.

In its drive to serve the customer better, RK has introduced advanced and efficient technology with an equally effective production process. The company has also complemented its abilities in manufacturing of steel bars with a very useful quality assurance system certified under ISO 9001-2000. Rather, RK is the first steel mill in Pakistan to have implemented ISO 9002 back in 1997-98.

RK Steel bars are manufactured under controlled conditions in accordance to internationally acclaimed product standards of British Standard Institute (B.S.I) and Amercan Society for testing Material (ASTM) Philadelphia P.A., U.S.A.


Our products include


Plain Steel Bars
Deformed Bars
Deformed Bars
Cold Twisted Bars
Square Bars

all sizes Grade 40 (B.S.S. 4449)
all sizes Grade 40 (ASTA615)
all Sizes Grade 60 (ASTM A6145)
all sizes Grade 60 (B.S.S 4461)
All Sizes


Characteristics of quality steel bars produced by R.K

At R.K Steel Mills, following factors are considered during manufacturing of steel bars to ensure its bonding capability with concrete.

• Rib Spacing
• Height of Ribs
• Gap Cord
• Deformation
• Surface Scrapes

Any deviation in these parameters can significantly decrease bonding capability with concrete as well as strength of the bars.

Unit weight of steel bars is another factor that can significantly affect quality of construction as well as hurt the customers pocket. It is proven that manufacturing of steel bars under uncontrolled conditions or without supervision may produce over-sized or under-sized bars which may make them over-weight or under-weight bars respectively. Such bars when used in construction significantly hamper implantations of engineering-design as the weight and strength of steel bars varies considerably.

Such strict quality control standards and personnel expertise mentioned above resulted in RK branded bars being the prime choice for construction of dams, hydro-power plants, nuclear-power plant, bridges, motorways, factories, high-rise buildings etc.

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